Rafaela & Quim

Simplicity, Tenderness and Respect are the three words that shone in Rafaela and Joaquim’s union. Needless to mention, they didn’t shine as bright as the newlyweds.

Rafaela greeted us early in the morning with a spontaneous smile as she eagerly awaited the arrival of the Taipas Fire Truck that would take her to church. Moreover, Joaquim with his relaxed persona was prepared and eager to see Rafaela in a few moments.

In church, they looked at each in a way only those in love can.

“Long live the bridegrooms!”, they are now married and united by the purest of bonds: marriage. Now they are one.

“Let’s go to the party?” With a smile on their faces, the bride and groom went to Quinta Pinha Eventos, where they were awarded a fantastic sunny day that allowed a superb garden party.

Here, jokes reigned – after all, the groom was known as “Relax King”.

Both firefighters, a job that deserves to be undoubtedly praised to the highest of levels, the bride and groom showed us that register true love comes from within. Life is a challenge, something both of you have learned in combat, but if there is love, everything stands up – for true love never ends.

We feel privileged to have been chosen to eternalize this day.

 Thank you, Rafaela and Joaquim.

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